New Moon in Capricorn Rising

So we make our way into the new year with its first new Lunar light in the sign of the sea goat. This is a powerful time and a reminder that everything is always shifting and changing. Following the great conjuction of Saturn and Jupiter at the Winter Solstice we are reminded that we are travelling together into a new era. Moving from the element of Earth (where both planets have met together in conjunction for the last 20 years) to air, where they will now dance in the revolution. Air brings us the gift of change and new information and this new moon will activate the new Aquariun frequency here on Earth.

At 5.00am GMT Lunar will once again renew her light for the beginning of her new cycle in Capricorn. Capricorn is the energy of the wise crone. She guides us through our structures and foundations asking if these are strong enough to hold us now? She is a cardinal energy which represents initiation and this makes this lunation a perfect time to set your new year intentions. Even if you have done so already, you can always revisit them to ensure your choices are based on your highest intentions. Capricorns planetary ruler is Saturn and with her recent movement into Aquarius we can feel this new energy of evolution for the collective awaken.

During Lunars renewal we will also have the energy of Mercury at play, who has made her journey to rest a while in the sign of the water bearer. She brings with her the gifts of vision and a higher perspective. Providing us with the information and potential to see the hidden truths. She asks you what it is you value now and how your values impact how you connect and work with those around you? Opening up the door to the collective and thoughts surrounding how you can support the wider community? She will begin her retrograde shadow just after the new moon and as always, calls us to re-think, re-learn and re-do in lign with the previous visions we may have had for this year ahead.

The planetary goddess of storm rebel air that is Uranus will station direct during the new moon phase. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and is currently in the sign of Taurus which represents our earthly pleasures and resistance to change. As with any planet that stations direct, she will halt her course which brings with it a burst of energy that will reverberate here on Earth. As she sits in close proximity to the warrior goddess Mars, who has now travelled away from her own sign of Aries where she has been comfortable for the last 6 months. In the sign of the bull that is Taurus the energy of both Mars and Uranus asks us to expect sudden erruptions of all kinds.

Lunars light will glimmer anew as she meets the planet of death and rebirth. Conjunct Pluto she draws us all the way back to beginning of last year where a previous meeting took place. It is worth asking yourself if you are still holding onto something from last year? What can you do about that now? That time has past and although many of us may feel as if that time was wasted due to the challenges we have all faced, it is time let go and move forward. This new lunar light is the time of transformation and vision. Think about how you can begin to transcend your current reality and walk the path of the new earth supporting and serving the collective.

I am wishing you all well with your intentions for this first new moon in Capricorn 2021.

As always, I am here to provide stella star support and guidance when needed. Please feel free to reach out.

Always let your soul star sparkle.

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx

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Full Moon in Cancer Shines its last light of 2020

So as we enter the final days of 2020 Lunar shines her very last full moon light for this year and what a year its been!

At 3.28am GMT Lunar will reach her maximum power and in the watery sign of Cancer she draws us back into our heart. Physically, Cancer as a sign connects to the chest, arms and hands and all that is within this space. She is our mother moon and signifies nurture, home, family and love. Emotionally Lunar has the power to stir things up and its best to take time to really feel right now. This may be hard but it is only a process and is needed to help us to heal. In this sign Lunar is truly at home and she asks us to find our place in her home too. She stretches out her arms and wraps them around us in a warm embrace, almost comforting us as we leave this challenging year behind.

As with all full moons this is a time for release and celebration. But this is no normal full moon. Lunar silvery light is strong now and she calls us to release everything that is no longer serving us from this year in particular to enable the healing to begin. This brings the perfect opportunity to release and replace. Whenever you release negative energy it leaves a space in your body that needs to be filled. So my advice is to fill it, fill it with gratitude and the things that you love.

During this full moon time Chiron the Shamanicka of Zodiac will be in a T square to Lunar and will activate our deep wounds. Chiron’s purpose is to illuminate this inner wounding and enable us to transcend it, beginning to heal. Currently in the Aries Chiron links to our greatest wound of all, our identity, perhaps making us feel inadequate, ashamed and unloved. Being unable to express ourselves and be who we want to be is truly challenging for us all but recognising this is part of our evolution and can lead us forwards on our journey through this lifetime. Lunar will highlight our deepest emotions linked to how our identity can shift into its highest expression, whilst we release all that is holding us back.

We all know that times are changing and we are by no means out of the woods yet but the new era and beginning of the age of Aquarius has opened up a new portal and new stella star light codes are being embedded within earth and us all. This is truly the time to let go and embrace whats to come. As we transition from this year to the next take time for yourself and allow Lunar to illuminate your path. There are many things to be thankful for and Lunar will shine her light of love on us all.

Cleansing Bath Practice.

As Lunar rules water and is sitting in her own sign of Cancer taking a cleansing bath is a perfect practice to complete over the next couple of days. Make sure you can take your bath in a sacred space. By this I mean having your personal sacred items around you. Light candles, listen to soothing music, crystals, anything you feel can support you to raise your vibration. If you have some bath salts use these to keep the water clear as possible and if you have any blessed water (eg. Chalice well water) you can also add a few drops to your bath. As you lie immersed in the water, ask the great star mother to help you release anything you no longer want to carry through to 2021. You can speak these aloud if you feel comfortable. Let the water and Lunar’s light wash away the negative. Enjoy the self care and take time to relax here. When you feel you are complete empty the bath and rinse throughly, perhaps visualising all you have released draining away. Once you are dry remember to replace what has now gone. Maybe write a gratitude list or see yourself filled by the light of the moon.


Oh lunar love, shine your light on me. Give me the strength to stand in my identity. Release my fears and dull my shame, I know with your love I can never be the same. Hold me close in your warm embrace and bring me light to move forwards from this place.

Please feel free to reach out if you need support during this time. I am currently still offering my Stella Star Story Medicine readings at a discounted rate for those interested and still have 2 spaces available for January 2021.

I an sending well wishing stella star blessings for this full moon and new year to you all

Much love

Rebecca Yoga Fae Star Priestess xxx

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius ♐

We are welcoming in a new light source onto our planet. For sometime now many astrologers, empaths, spiritual guides, and leaders have been discussing the dawning of a new age and a new paradigm. This energy shift has already begun with the initial opening of the eclipse portal at the last full moon and the 12/12 portal yesteday. Now we are entering the next phase.

Tomorrow at 4.16pm GMT Lunar will once again renew herself in the sign of the great archeress that is Sagittarius. Not only that, but Sol will be engulfed by Lunars shadow as she moves between Sol and Gaia causing a solar eclipse. Although the UK will not be in the shadow of the eclipse path the energy will still radiate strongly. Eclipses have the power to ignite the energy of Lunar and in this phase, at the beginning of her new cycle, we are asked to create our intentions. However this is not just an intention for the coming month, this is an intention for the new year and the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

The Archeress is steadfast as she points her arrow towards her desired goal. She releases all that she no longer needs with the same release of the arrow and it soars towards her destiny. She knows that with her intention vibrating at its highest level, she has the opportunity to set herself free and reach her fullest potential.

Sagittarius is very much a sign of freedom and positivity. She holds the element of fire and brings us the motivation and drive to achieve our ambitions. As a mutable sign Sagittarius sits between the seasons in a time of transition and change. She helps us to find meaning in our lives and decide where we can progress. Aim, set and fire to fly towards the beginning of a new era. She is the seeker of the divine truth and sets us a path to explore the far reaches of our highest mind. As Lunar renews herself in her archeress form we are called to raise our vibration and choose our path of destiny ready for the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn taking place on the winter solstice next week.

A harmonious aspect between Lunar, Sol and Mars in Aries will illuminate the inner fire within us all to initiate the new, bringing with it the power to return to light as the time of solstice approaches. However, always be mindful not to act on impulse and without hast. With Neptune in Pisces squaring Lunar and Sol we may feel an element of fog decending. The Neptunial fog can create confusion and its important that we clear our minds before we create our new intentions, to be sure what we are choosng is based on our truth. Mercury will be conjunct this celestial joining of Lunar and Sol and she will offer us new information to enable us to make our choices more wisely.

Throughout this year we have been shedding our old skins and releasing what is no longer needed, watching as a breakdown of the old order occurs. Its time to emerge from the birth canal now and ascend to a higher dimension here on earth. One of solidarity and togetherness as we all embark on this ever evolving spiral of life.

I am sending you all well wishes and stella star blessings for this new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

What can you do to raise your energetic vibration now?

What is your new intention at this auspicious time?

To connect with me further and to learn more about your own Stella Star Story please follow my facebook pages Well Wishing Yoga Fae Journey or Well Wishing Oracle.

Always let your soul star sparkle

Rebecca Yoga Fae xxx

Power in the Darkness. Super New Moon in Scorpio.

We have entered into what is the dark half of the year and we are all feeling the affect of the change in seasons along with lifes other current challenges. Lunar’s energy is here to support us through this time and give us the power to move through the rest of this year as she opens the eclipse portal. Lunar will shed her new light in her supermoon form on Sunday 15th November 2020 at 5.07am in the transformational sign of Scorpio.

As a super new moon, Lunar appears closer to the Earth and therefore her powers are amplified, making this a powerful new beginning for her new cycle. She is at her darkest right now and draws us deep into her sacred cauldron ready for the transition into Winter. As with nature, Lunar calls us to release what no longer serves and let it die so that we can make space for new growth. In this Lunar phase we are asked not to create intetions for manifestation but rather, intentions to release so we can transform and transcend into the light. The sign of Scorpio holds deep magic. She is the witch within and the Dark Mother who cradles us all. She brings us the power to embrace our shadows, alchemise our soul and draw from the depths to become an oracle of truth. If understood, Scorpio will give us the enchantment to rise from the ashes in a burst of colourful flames. It is useful to look at where Scorpio sits in your own natal chart, noticing which house energies she may activate at this time? In the physical body Scorpio rules over the pelvic bowl and sexual organs. She relates to the sacral chakra and is the element of water. This makes her new moon light a time of emotional intensity and with Mercury also in Scorpio, this may exaggerate any emotional conversations. She will indeed take us to the depths of our emotions and will tease out our hidden fears.

There is a big emphasis on relationships during this new lunar phase. She is firstly happening conjuct (next to) Juno who is the asteroid of relationships and whilst the lover herself, Venus is at 22° Libra. This is also very powerful, as the last new lunar light shone at 22° Libra! Which has left a residual energy which will again be ignited during this new moon. We are being asked to consider how we are making energy exchanges with others now? How do we want to share our energy and whether our energy is effected by another? Maybe take time to check in with the relationships in your life and recognise any change or alchemy needed to support you now.

Just before this new Lunar light, Mars will finally ascend from her underworld journey and station direct on none other than Friday 13th.  Unlucky for some, the 13th is a number of sacred divine feminine suggesting that new feminine power will initiate now! Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio so expect a little fire or sting from her tail. I feel the guidance here is that this has the potential to give us the boost we need to move forwards rather than hinder us, but please still be mindful of Mars dark side whilst she remains in her retrogarde shadow. Irritation, anger and frustration may still reveal themselves from time to time. During  this Lunar light, Mars will square Jupiter and Pluto still in Capricorn at present and we already know the tensions that are at play here.

Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and represents the cycle of death and re-birth. She takes us deep into the underworld to shed our old skin and re-emerge following a dark night of the soul. At 22° Capricorn Pluto will conjunct Jupiter at 23° of the same sign bringing with it the ability for the truth to be revealed yet again! Their first conjunction was back in March and I wonder what more we need to learn? It is initiating a further awakening and perhaps its worth asking yourself how your thoughts, beliefs and choices may have transformed this year?

Allow the transformative power of this new lunar light to culminate within you. Let it fill you up so your soul can be set ablaze and you can rise from the ashes re-born!

Supportive practices for this new moon include; Breathing into your pelvic bowl, sacred cauldron connection, Yoni steaming/cleansing, hip opening yoga practice, and sacral chakra work.

New Moon Goddess Invocation

Invoke the power of the goddess to enable you to journey deep to create an intention to release what is holding you back from your true power. I am being guided to work with the goddess Lilith for this new moon.

I do not fear the dark, for there is hidden light. I let my soul journey deep into the depths of night. I call upon she who is from the beginning of time, and ask her for the courage to release these fears of mine. Give me the power to ignite, from the ashes i will rise as flames tonight. Transforming myself and alchemising my soul. Blessings to you Lilth for your guidance to make me whole.

Please remember you are warmly welcome to contact me for any support or information. I will be sharing some of the sacred practices on my facebook page in the coming days. I also offer Stella Star Story Medicine readings for anyone searching for more in-depth information and guidance.

Wishing you all well and stella star blessings for this new moon in Scorpio.

Rebecca Yoga Fae xxx

Finding Balance in Tense Times With A Super New Lunar In Libra

Tonight Lunar’s light re-emerges as new in the goddess who is the scales of justice, Libra. At 8.30pm (BST) another Lunar cycle will begin and asks you to set your intentions from the deepest level of trust to seek balance in all that is. The moon is closer to the earth right now bringing in greater power to create these intentions and although you may have to wait 6 months, (the next Libra full moon) to see its manifestation, this is a powerful time and you are planting the seed. Make sure your intentions are coming from a place of love and light during these times of challenge.

We all know there is a lot going on astrologically right now and I am sure some of you have listened to your own intuition and sense of knowing, recognising that new beginnings can not take place without endings of some sort. Lunars current placement creates a tense Cardinal T square with the giants (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter) still sitting in the sign of Capricorn and Mars (still in her underworld journey of retrograde) and Eris in Aries. This has manifested with the theme freedom vs restriction and this comes as no suprise with the current times we are living in. The breaking down of structures and life as we have previously known it continues, and with it the tension, frustration and irritation continues to mount. Mars is the closest to earth she will be until 2035 and she is pulling us to a place of  initiation. But will you initiate from the dark or from the light?

Mercury is also currently undertaking her retrograde journey and is sitting in the deep depths of Scorpio. This is an opportunity for the truth to be unveiled even in its most uncomfortable form. In her current opposition to Uranus these truths may even be shocking. Perhaps it’s time for us to be ready to except the truth in all its forms and use it to create the new as a collective rather than fight against it?

The Libra Lunar energy will ask us to seek balance to harmonise these intense times, weighing our own hearts on her karmic scales of justice. How can you find compromise in your life now? How can you work in collaboration with those around you to create a new and better reality? Its important to remember we are all equal, we are all in this situation together and we can all create intentions to support a brighter future.

Using the Element of Air

Libra’s element is air and you can use this to support the creation of your new intention. Breathe deeply into your body and take time to find your intention. Listen to the messages from your body as you breathe. You will know when the right intention has formed. Now with each exhale, send that intention out into the cosmos, visualise it and see it come into being. Stay with this intention and complete this practice for the next 2 days for the best desired outcome.

Goddess Guidance

Connect with the Egyption Goddess Ma’at and let your heart be weighed on her karmic scales. She represents truth, justice, balance and morality. She keeps order in the seasons and in the cosmos. Let her wisdom guide you to your true intention and maintain balance in your life.


Lady Lunar I call to thee. I ask you to guide me to balance all that I see, Hold my heart on your scales and let it be light, for you have the power to help me change what I might.

As always, if you would like more guidance or wish to partake in my new offering of a Stella Star Story Medicine reading, please get in touch. I am always happy to support you.

I am wishing you all well on this new super moon in Libra.

Stella star blessings of balance.

Rebecca Yoga Fae xxx

Full Moon Healing Fire

Lunar is making her way into the sign of fire that is Aries and will be in prime position to shine her full light through the cosmos at 10.05pm UK time on Thursday 1st October 2020. This full Moon is known as the Harvest moon. Although slightly late this year the Harvest moon is our opportunity to gather what we have created this year from the seeds we planted at Imbolc (February). What has grown for you? What have you created during these very challenging times? In all the madness it’s important to think about the positive things that have made there way into our lives despite the challenges we have all faced. Its also important to think about what hasn’t come to fruition so that we can release it. We all know that Lunar’s full light is a time to let go of what no longer serves and celebrate what matters most. Her light will illuminate the dark and thats definitely what we need right now.

In Aries, Lunar’s light takes us back to our identity and our need to be independent, driven and motivated to succeed. But we need to be mindful, particularly with Mars still retrograding in her sign of Aries. Tension is high and there is a tendency for impulsivity and irritation that still surrounds us right now. Lady Lunar at 4 degrees Aries will take her seat next to Chiron at 7 degrees Aries, and has the power to ignite deep emotional soul healing during this time. Chiron is the Shamanka of the skys and calls us to recognise our deepest soul wounds in order for us to heal. The magic of this full moon will lead us back to our own personal power and request us to rise up to our own truths.

Sol remains in opposition in the karmic scales of Libra and gently encourages us to find compromise, working together to create harmony and light. So how can you use your inner fire to serve the collective rather than fight the battle alone?How can you find equilibrium and balance between standing in your own truth whilst still supporting those to follow their path of truth, even if it is different to yours?

The powers of the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto still remain in the sign of Capricorn and currently square Mars in Aries during Lunar’s full light. We already know this is a challenging time and still need to be prepared for further frustation and aggitation durng these tricky aspects. Pluto has now stationed direct and takes us deep within ourselves to find the hidden fears that we can draw out ready to release in the light of Lunar’s love. But beware Mercury sitting in Scorpio as she is already in her retrograde shadow and is prepared to show us some of what has been hidden beneath the surface.

Take this full moon as a time for healing allowing yourself to release dark wounds that have been trapped within.

Full Moon Fire Ceremony

Take this opportunity to release what you no longer need through the element of fire around the time of this full Lunar light. You can either do this practice outdoors or inside with good ventilation and a fire proof container. Take a moment to breathe and feel into your heart space to connect to  what needs healing and what is holding you back right now. Write down any words or thoughts that come to you and then place the paper into the flames allowing it to burn away into the ashes. Be with the flames and sense a feeling a lightness as each of the thoughts disappear into the ether. freeing up space in your heart and your mind and releasing any anger or negativity. Following this practice replace those wounds with gratitude as if you are putting on a plaster to help you heal.

For a deeper connection to the stella stars and full moon energies feel free to join us in our Well Wishing Womens Circle this Sunday 4th Oct at 8.00pm (Please contact me for details, you will be warmly welcome).

I am also looking forward to sharing my latest offering with you later this week. I am finally stepping into my Star Priestess self and will be beginning my Stella Star Story Medicine readings. More details to be revealed…..

I am wishing you all well at this full Lunar light in Aries.

Blessings of the stella stars

Rebecca Yoga Fae Priestess xxx

The super energy of Virgo’s new moon

Lunar’s cycle is once again complete as we enter the dark moon phase today. She will shine her new light into being once more tomorrow as a new super moon on September 17th 2020 at 12noon UK time in the maiden sign of Virgo.

Its comforting to know we are now one retrograde down with the turning direct of Jupiter in capricorn. Feeling into this energy She is going to bring us new wisdom, creative ideas and future vision. Within less than a month Saturn and Pluto will also move stationary direct. Although these will come with some tricky aspects.

Interesting Aspects during this super new moon

This super new moon will fall at 25degrees of Virgo and as a super moon brings with it a super power!Super new moons occur when the Lunar appears closer to the earth and it amplifies her magic! Your intentions are much stronger at this time meaning its worth really taking time to think about those wishes. A new Lunar in the sign of Virgo can relate to medicine and health making this a pefect time for us all to focus on our health and hope rises for potential cures for disease. There is a stong physical connection to the gut with the Virgo embodiment and maybe we all need to think about our nutrition and gut health during this time? Virgo teaches us ancient wisdom of the earth, how mother Gaia holds us and nurtures us. Perhaps she can already provide us with the medicine we need? If only we treated her better!

Virgo excels at work issues and she puts emphasis on detail, information and routine. Ruled by the planet Mercury she relates to the coginitive/mind. Its important at this super new moon, to pull energy from mind into down into the body. By drawning that energy down we ground it, making it solid and structured. This supports more effective manifestation making dreams become reality.  There is also an element of discrimination and choice at this time. Choose to be conscious in your thinking that way you become a witness to your thoughts. By becoming aware of your thinking you can then choose not to get drawn into negativity and remain focused on the positive. With Mercury square to Jupiter big and expansive thinking is possible now providing an opportunity to look at the whole picture as a collective. With its quincux to Neptune in pisces, which is also in opposition to the sun and moon we have enhanced imagination and vision for the future. This could potentially be a brand new page to your life story as well as the story for all. Make space to feel into the connection to oneness and source right now. Neptune is still in square to the nodel axis and this can create some confusion or clouded vision we need to be aware of. But she also holds magic to reveal hidden secrets and mysteries that may support us now. firey Mars now retrograde in Aries also sits in square to the powerhouse planets in Capricorn and we can all feel this tension with new restrictions and constraints.

There is always a silver lining though, with a real light shining from this slither of Lunar’s body as she and the sun are both trine to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This is the super power to make things happen long term. What do you want to create in your life and what can we create together?let your intentions come from a place of love at this challenging time.

Spending time in nature- Take time to connect to the earth through grounding practices. Feel your bare feet as they touch Gaia’s body and sense her energy as she draws you to her medicine wisdom.

Candle Gazing- Focus your mind to find your most meaningful intentions and wishes for this super new lunar. Gaze into the light of a candle, watch as the flame dances and brings new clarity of thought. Do this for a few minutes and then close your eyes seeing the sparkling flame in your minds eye. As you do this feel into your body and sense as messages make themselves as clear as the flame.

Connecting to the divine feminine and priestess power- Draw from the maiden energy of Virgo by connecting to your divine feminine nature, both men and women have it. This is the practical and nurturing part of you that can bring you wisdom to sort the wheat from the chaff. She offers you a chance to start a fresh with a powerful intention.

Wishing you all well and blessings of lunars love and new light.

Rebecca Yoga Fae xxx

Dreaming into being with the Pisces full moon

Lunar is reaching her peak of fulness and is set to grace the skys with her deep watery magic in the sign of Pisces. The full moon will occur on Tuesday 2nd September at 6.21am UK time.

Connecting to the wheel of the year and the astrological wheel we are beginning to work with the energy of Harvest, but the Harvest moon will not actually grace the skys until October this year as she wll be the closest full moon to the Autumn equinox. This particular full moon is known as the Corn or Barley moon. As this time traditionally corresponds to the harvest of Corn and Barley. With the Sun/Sol in the sign of Virgo, we are asked to begin to sort the wheat from the chaff in our own lives and release what no longer serves for the highest good.

The sign of Pisces is a very yin based energy it calls us to be receptive, compassionate and turn our attention inwards to the magic of our dreams. Its watery essence takes us to the depths to enable us to create flow, going beyond polarity and seeing that everything is connnected to source and oneness. This lunar fullness is an antidote to all the yang energy surrounding us right now. She will help us to use our dreams and intuition to rebalance between reality and the mystical realms. Pisces is the most sensitve of signs and will connect us back to our emotions, but this can also easily lead to overwhelm if we are not careful. There is the potential for the truth to reveal itself at this full moon with Neptune the ruler of Pisces currently sitting in square to the nodel axis. Possibly more revelations and disclosures are on the way? Full moons are always a time for the light to shine on all things, highlighting that which needs to be released but also that which can be celebrated.

There are some very positive aspects surrounding this full moon and Lunar’s position in the cosmos is giving us an opportunity to dream our thoughts into being. She will be sitting in trine to the Sun/Sol in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus giving us humans the desire to be free and shining a bright light to awaken us all. This is not just any old trine though, but actually a grand earth trine which also brings the energy of expansion from Jupiter sitting in Capricorn. This is a very positive aspect creating the magic of manifestation power! Mercury is now also in the sign of Virgo and will amplify this potential to dream our thoughts into reality. It is important to focus on freedom of thoughts and choices now. Although we are still feeling the restrictions and power dynamics coming from the current planets sitting in capricorn, ask yourself where you can be free to make a choice now? It may feel like you are not in contol right now but we can all take control of our own thoughts. If you could use this lunar power to manifest something now, what would it be? How are you manifesting right now?

Embodying the Full Lunar Energy of Pisces.

Take a cleansing bath. Connecting to water during the time of full moons particularly whilst she is also in a water sign is incredibly powerful. You can use oils or salts in your bath or even just water alone. Gentle soothing music can also help to raise the vibration of the water. As you immerse yourself visualise the water cleansing your body and removing anything negative or stagnant. Let the water renew and replace the space. Notice if anything comes up for you whilst to rest in the bath. If you are unable to have an actual bath in water then you can aways have a moon bath instead. This is just as effective. Stand outside under the light of lunars rays and feel the light penetrating your body moving through and filling each of the Chakras (the body’s main energy centres that reside down the length of the spine) Again feel the light cleansing and releasing anything that no longer serves you and replacing it with positive energy.

Keep a dream journal. Pay attention to any dreams you are having now. Our dreams are messages from the mystical realms and can offer us solutions to our present situations and/or problems. Let this lunar light guide you to bring your dreams into being.

Finally remember your manifesting power! Be aware that your thoughts will become your reality. Choose wisely from a place of freedom. Write down your wishes and desires on a piece of paper and then release them so as to not hold any attachment to them. You could do this by visiting a near by river or stream and letting the paper float away. (please ensure you think about the environment when releasing anything into nature and make sure it is organic).

If you would like any further information and/or embodiment practises you are warmly welcome to join me for Your Moon body Yoga Workshop tomorrow evening 7.30-9.00pm. September 1st 2020.

Sendng full moon in Pisces blessings and well wishes to you all.

Rebecca Yoga Fae xx

New Moon in Leo- Leading with the Heart.

So here we are again, Lunar continues her journey through the cosmos and creates her ever lasting cycles to enable us to connect to her magical energies. In the early hours of  Wednesday 19th of August 2020 (3.41am to be exact) Lunars fresh light will begin to shine in her new moon form in the sign of Leo. This is a beautiful time of playful loving energy and a chance to set those new intentions from a loving heart space.

We have all felt the weight of the consitent restrictive and breaking down of structures in our lives over the last 8 months and although the astrological transits/aspects remain challenging at present the Leo new moon brings hope and creativity to the mix. Leo is our 5th sign in the zodiac and rules over the 5th house. This playful zone of the fifth house is linked to creativity, romance, and children. Natal planets in the Fifth house are linked to your intrinsic artistic expression, while planets transiting the Fifth house often deliver eureka moments that boost our confidence. Leo is a fixed sign In astrology, fixed signs are associated with stabilization, determination, depth and persistence. On the other hand, those who hold this astrological quality tend to also be inflexible, rigid, stubborn, opinionated and single-minded in its shadow form. Leo is ruled by the sun and her element is that of fire. She asks us to step into our own power and leadership to create the life we desire. When we work with Leo through the form of embodiment we connect deeply to the heart and the areas of the body that connect to the heart. We can draw deeply from our own internal fire to give us the will and drive to succeed whilst asking ourselves what it is we want to initiate from a heartfelt space. In the celtic wheel of the year Leo links to the time of Lammas/Lughnasadh in the northern hemisphere and asks to consider the rich bounty of life that surrounds us. What will you be havesting with gratitude and abundance at this time?

When we look at the other harmonsining aspects of this new moon we can see that Mercury also sitting in the sign of Leo at its final degrees is asking us to communicate from the heart and speak our truth. This is a breath of fresh air and can only serve to lift and inspire others at this time. Although Mercury will only remain in Leo until 6.20am on 19th August so we must make the most of this non-judgemental opportunity to communicate. The sun, moon and Mercury will all be trine to Mars in Aries during the new moon and this brings action to your words and intentions so think about it, say it and do it! This is the perfect time to initiate your intentions, so begin by reflecting on all of the things you are grateful for to put you back into a heartfelt space.

Embodiment practice.

Creating a clear connection to the heart and heart coherence is paramount during the time of the Leo new moon. Sit or lie comfortably with your left hand on your heart. begin to become aware of your breath and allow you roots to ground to mother earth. Allow your minds eye to journey into your heart space and start to visualise a tiny spark of light within. See if you can become aware of your own heart beat and then watch this heart light travel down into the centre of the earth. As your heart light reaches mother earth it connects to the rhythmical beat of Gaia’s own heart and connects you as one to the earth and all living beings. Draw your spark back up your roots now and into your own heart, taking a moment to really feel into this sacred heart coherence.

New moon in Leo innvocation

Use this innvocation to connect to the new moon energy and help you to create your intentions:

Lion/Lioness of lunar, shine your light on me, offer me your radiance and allow me to be free. Let me awaken to the fire that lives within, connecting to the spark of my heart and allowing love to flow in. Encourge me to step into my power and find my new intention from my true hearts desire.

New moon in Leo Goddess Archytypes.

The Leo energy can be represented by several different goddesses but the Norse goddess Sunna seems very apt at this time for us all. Sunna s (Sol) is the Sun personified in Norse mythology.  She is described as the sister of the personified moon, Manni, the daughter of Mundilfari and is foretold to be killed by a monstrous wolf during the events of Ragnarok.  She was a human who rose to the rank of Goddess due to the Gods.  Sunna has blonde hair with golden locks that looked like rays of sunshine. Sunna like the ‘sun’ was always kind and generous to her people brining light wherever she went. Despite the wolf Skoll catching and killing Sunna, not all is lost.  Like the other Gods at the end of Ragnarok, light still shines on the Earth.  Before her death, she gives birth to a daughter as beautiful as her mother and she shall ride her mother’s road.  The daughter survives with the Sun to aid and guide humanity after the destruction of the world as we know it.  She heals the world, knitting together the fragmented pieces of life after the chaos of Ragnarok. Perhaps call on Sunna/ Sol now to enable a heartfelt connection and healing for our world during this time of the new moon in Leo.

Use this time to communicate from the heart, lift and inspire others to create heart coherence and intentions of gratitude and abundance that will lead us into the light.

For more embodiment practises and new moon magic join me on my Yoga moon body workshop tomorrow online (18th August 2020 7.30-9.00pm) Please contact me for details or go to Well Wishing Yoga Fae Journey facebook page.

Sending new moon blessings and starlight well wishes.

Rebecca Yoga Fae xxx

Mind to heart Aquarius full moon.

The magic of the moon stirs again and this time it takes us back to the collective future consciousness. This full moon will occur at 4.58pm on Monday 3rd August 2020 and will be in the fixed sign of Aquarius in opposition to the suns current sign of Leo. Fixed signs are associated with determination and persistence but as a shadow fixed signs can appear rigid and stubborn. The sign of Aquarius is all about evolution and the future. It is truly unique, creative and looks at how we connect on a collective level. Ruled by the planet Uranus this energy can bring shocking change, discovery, wisdom and justice but with Uranus currently sitting in the sign of Taurus in a square to lunar, we know that this may encourage some challenges/changes on earth possibly relating to food/produce and money. Full moons are the opportunity for things that are hidden to be highlighted and can also signify a culmination, release or completion of something.

There are currently several planets in retrograde (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Eris) and Uranus will join them to begin her underworld journey 15th August amplifying the possibility of shocking change. Retrograde takes our attention inwards and this has where a lot of us have been recently with the restrictions we have all faced. Equally when planets are in retrograde they are actually closer to the earth and therefore project their energy more strongly. Alongside this Mars remains in her own sign of Aries and can bring up that shadow energy of unrest and anger as part of the collective but this is all part of the breaking down of the current patriarchal structures to make way for the new. If you can imagine making a cake the ingredients you begin with make an awful mess until they have been folded and molded together to make something spectacular. We must go through this process of disarray to allow the new to be created. We are evolving and our collective consciousness is shifting. The cosmos has been interesting and active over the previous months of 2020 and we have recently had the appearance of the comet Neowise journeying close to earth over the last month bringing with it new wisdom. This comet has 6800 year orbit and last graced us with her presence in 4747bc during the collapse of the goddess culture and the rise of patriarchy. We are now in midst of great change again with the collapse of patriarchy and the awakening of the collective consciousness.

This is a very Uranian full moon and will bring truth and revelation to our lives. There is a need to release any negativity and worry right now to enable us to raise our frequency and create positive collective change. Aquarius links us to our mind and to the gifts of the mind. In opposition Leo links us to our hearts and if we can bring these two powerful means together we can truly raise our vibration enough to begin to manifest a new world and unity collective. It is a time to practice gratitude and become aware of the abundance in our lives to enable us to move through the storm. Begin to let Lunars light shine on all the old processes and structures that surround you. These things no longer aid your journey and serve only to constrict you. Let go and release these patterns with the moons magic and make way for innovation. Use the energy of determination now to bring about new truths and thoughts that will support the growing collective community.

This is my interpretation of the current astrological energies and I hope this will assist you to decide how best to celebrate the full moon in Aquarius.

Wishing you all well.

Rebecca Yoga Fae

Priestess and star seer. xx