Believing in your true self

Have you ever felt things were not going quite as you planned? I have not spent time writing for a while and this evening I felt called to write this post. Life is so busy we often don’t find time to be completely ourselves, to be imaginative, creative and expressive. A close friend and yogi mentioned a Sanskrit word that had been on mind recently and I had not even realised why, as its meaning completely escaped me. That word was Satya and this translates to ‘true nature’ or ‘true self’.

How often have you taken time to consider your true nature? What are you seeking from this existence? I don’t think I was aware who I really was for a long time and I  still slip back into oblivion on occasion. It was yoga that opened up the impossible for me. When I was child I remember that I had a completely magical imagination (or was it?) the innocence would always shine from my tiny self but as we grow things change and we change in line with learned behaviours and what society expects of us. It is sad that we can not keep that innocence allowing us to open to magic of the world around us and at this time we also lose the sense of our true selves. So how do we return to our true nature? How do we become aware of what that is? well, my belief is that we must spend time with ourselves first and foremost. Mindfulness and meditation is a good way to begin to explore this taking time to listen to the breath and asking yourself ‘who am I?’ or ‘what do I want to bring into my life?’. Yoga and movement of the body can and will support this by releasing tension, old patterns and emotions. enabling energy to flow freely around the body and raising the vibrations. You have the power to be whatever you want to be, don’t ever forget that. Allow your true self to shine through and your soul will truly sparkle!!

***Always let your soul Sparkle***

Rebecca Yoga-Fae


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